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      While piano tuners in Maine may not be lacking in number, Parks and Sons Piano Service wishes to be your main Maine piano tuner and Maine piano technician service.

      Parks & Sons provides affordable,   professional services (both Maine piano tuning, Maine piano repair, and Maine piano rebuilding) to Maine's Aroostook, Wshington, Penobscot, Hancock, and parts of Piscataquis counties.

      Some of the towns within our Local Service Area are:
Baileyville, Baring, Benedicta, Bridgewater, Brookton, Burlington, Calais, Dyer Brook, East Millinocket, Enfield, Grand Lake Stream, Haynesville, Hodgdon, Houlton, Howland, Island Falls, Kingman, Lambert Lake, Lee, Lincoln, Linneus, Littleton, Lubec, Macwahoc, Mars Hill, Mattawamkeag, Medway, Millinocket, Monticello, New Limerick, Oakfield, Passadumkeag, Princeton, Robinsons, Sherman Mills, Sherman Station, Smyrna Mills, Springfield, Stacyville, Topsfield, Vanceboro, Waite, West Enfield, Weston, Winn, Woodland, Wytopitlock... just to name a few.
      Complete details can be found on our main website.

Parks & Sons Piano Service
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We Offer These Discounts**

$(see site or brochure) Referral Rebate
Refer a friend or neighbor and receive a Referral Credit when they receive their first service visit.

$(see site or brochure) Group Discounts When you join with a friend or family (situated within 20 miles of each other) to receive service on the same day, each receive a $5 discount on service.

$(see site or brochure) Introductory Discount
Per piano to Schools, Academies, Churches, and other organizations on the first visit.

$(see site or brochure) Multiple Tunings Discount
Per piano.. When we provide tunings to 2 or more pianos at the same location.

* An Appraisal is a complete piano inspection in writing including: current piano information and value, repairs needed and costs, and piano value if repairs are completed. ** Certain discounts may not be combined. Please call.

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Want to know the date your piano was manufactured?
    Call or Email with the serial number and Piano Manufacturer's name and we will provide you with the year the piano was built and a brief history on the company‚Ķ FREE

Some of Our History
    Ronald G. Parks spent 40 years in the piano service fields providing professional tunings and technical work to private customers and for many well known celebrities and concert pianists at major concert events.
    After approximately 35 years of employment with many well known and highly respected businesses he began his own business in the Maryland, Pennsylvania and Greater D.C. area.
    While employed in Maryland he was joined by his youngest son....click for more)

    Today we are attempting to carry on with a piano service founded on the Christian family values that lead us to do the best job we can, honestly and with the customer's best interest in sight. From a Spinet to a 9' Concert Grand we strive to get every piano to perform to it's utmost ability. We hope you will allow us to provide affordable, quality service to your piano.
    We are also available for help with any questions you may have about the care of your instrument.

How Often To Get A Tuning In Maine?
    The frequency of tuning is highly dependent on both the instrument, the player, and the environment the piano is kept in. While some will suggest having an instrument tuned two or three times, maybe even four times, a year - we find that on average a piano that is kept in a reasonable environment can be satisfactory when tuned once or twice a year (usually May and October). Many times have we recommended that a piano need not be tuned more than once a year, but this is based on that particular piano, the player's needs, and the environment the piano is kept in. Of course a piano player who is more demanding of their instrument will want more frequent tunings.
    Another thing to keep in mind when deciding how often to have your instrument tuned is that unless the instrument is in storage, no piano - no matter quality - can be expected to keep it's tune for more than a year. Having a piano tuned less than once a year may seem to save money initially but this is usually made up for by the fact that a piano that has fallen badly out of tune will usually require what is called a Pitch Raise before being Tuned. In fact an instrument neglected for two or more years could require more than one pitch raise before it will hold a tuning. A pitch raise stabilizes the piano for the tuning, if the piano was tuned without a pitch raise it would very soon (sometimes even before the tuner leaves) be back out of tune. A pitch raise is usually half the cost of a normal fine tuning.
   So the advantages of having a piano tuned at least once a year can actually save the owner money.
   In closing it should be noted that institutional pianos (those in schools, churches, and other non-private locations) usually will need at least two tunings a year as these get heavy use and are usually subject to large swings in temperature and humidity.

    Parks & Sons provides Maine piano tuning, Maine piano repair, Maine piano regulation, Maine piano reconditioning, Maine piano rebuilding, Maine piano moving, Maine piano refinishing, and more - all at reasonable and affordable fees.
   If you would like more information about piano care (or any other piano subject) please call or email.

    So please remember - when your looking over the Maine piano tuners in search of a Maine piano tuner-technician that will do the work professionally and affordably, please consider Parks and Sons Piano Service in Maine.
    Parks and Sons Piano Service provides Maine piano tuning, Maine piano repair, Maine piano refinishing, Maine piano rebuilding, Maine piano moving, Maine piano rebuilding, and more...
    Parks and Sons Piano Service, serving mid Maine, coastal Maine, northern Maine.